November 9, 2015

Euro Tuning Revolution Software was developed by tuners for tuners. We actually use tuning products, so we know what works, what doesn't, and what essential features are needed in a software tuning program for developing better tunes in a faster and easier format.

What makes our software the best in the European tuning market? It's simple - we thought about how we would want excellent tuning software to function and then we built it.  We're still building it.  We don't plan on stopping the improvements, ever.

Highlights of our tuning software include:

  • Use Any Hardware Programming Interface - No handhelds required! Use your existing Dimsport, Alientech or any other hardware you like to upload your file created with Revolution tuning software, saving you thousands of dollars on hardware costs!
  • User Friendly Software  - Time is critical when tuning a vehicle, and you want quick and easy software to use.  Ours is simple and powerful.
  • Plenty of Maps/Tables Available - The average vehicle we cover will have access to 200+ tables (maps) for you to work with.  We pride ourselves in being the most comprehensive in this area!  Fuel, Spark, Torque Management, Throttle controls, etc... it's the MOST complete software you can buy!
  • Complete Suite with Scanner Tuning Solution - Our complete suite comes with a powerful scanner that can graph, chart, and plot for real tuning. The scanner comes with real OEM level parameters (PIDs) specific to the manufacturer.
  • Economical Starting Price - Our system works as an inexpensive buy-in for the software and hardware with a license fee based system when you tune a car. No need to pay $15,000+ in up front tuning costs.

We developed Euro Tuning Revolution Software to be the best - made for tuners that want to perform real tuning on European vehicles - something you can be proud to use and tell your customers about.

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